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Lease & Management

Common Realty strives to provide our clients seamlessly property investment  experience. When clients invested through us, we make sure their investments are  being looked after. Common Realty adopted a professional property leasing &  management system to take care our client’s investment properties. Our fee structure  is highly transparent and simple so that our clients never get charged for any  unexpected items. 

For new clients who need a trusted management agent, we have our own advantage:

Transparent & competitive fees
Common Realty offers a flat rate with no extra administrative cost, so there will not be unexpected charges. Owners will know exactly how much they are getting charged and can work out their cashflow better. Different to many real estate agents, we are able to maintain reasonably low fees by having a full line of in-house services and a streamlined management procedure.

Quality of service
Efficient, Organized and Motivated - Common Realty offers competitive fees without compromising our quality of  service. We treat every property as our own investment. We take owner’s interest  just as our own.

Beyond standard
Apart from daily management and administrative work, we provide some extra services at no cost:
- Professional Photo shoot
- Advertising as Premier Listing (
- Billing & services payments
- Annual ownership report

Real Estate Advisory

Common Realty takes the success of our clients as our own. We tailor-make advice for each of our client and create possitive impact to their investment.

 Our advisory service is backed by three points:

  1. Our experience in real estate market,
  2. The ability to conduct in-dept research and analysis,
  3. The network and contacts we have built.

These have helped us to provide more accurate information and analysis which turn into our client's own advantage in their property market activities.

Project Marketing

With the expertise of project marketing, Common Realty offers marketing solutions to developers and clients. Common Realty has a large partner networks throughout Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore. Project Marketing could be a difficult tasks. Sometimes its about getting the right exposure to the right audience. We believe that there are always opportunities that is not being met. Having such a large client database and international channels, we are able to market opportunities to the unmet, enabling the project to international investors and reach market that has not been explored.

Property Portfolio Management

Common Realty always put client’s interest as our best interest. The company offers professional management services for our client’s investments and properties. We understand that when your portfolio starts to build up, it is particularly important to be able to monitor and control it as things could get difficult to deal with. Our portfolio management services provide our client a centralized management of their properties. Saving time and cost as well as having complete control of your portfolio.

Property Sale

At Common Realty, we are experienced in helping our clients to capitalize from their investment. Coming from an investment-based and marketing company means we know better on how to market property to meet the best possible sale result. 

Overseas client

Sydney has been considered as one of the most attractive destination to invest, visit or live. We receive a great amount of interest from overseas market and our staffs are making contact with clients overseas in daily basis. 

Whether you are looking for an good investment asset, a perfect holiday home or a property for your own pleasure, we are here to help. Our overseas clients are able to quickly develop an understanding of the Sydney property market. Our real estate experts provide key information that enable our clients to make most informed decision. 

If you want to know more about property investment in Australia, please do not hesitate to contact us.